How to Start Planning a Program

Ever feel stuck when you need to plan a program? How do you make your theme or topic sound relevant to teens? Learn about asking Essential Questions and The 4 “Why”s to easily plan a program that’s sure to succeed.

How to Offer Constructive Feedback

Follow Marc Fein’s foolproof method for offering constructive feedback to anyone. Learn why the “sandwich method” of feedback is ineffective, how to frame a feedback conversation, and how to use non-judgmental language.

Judgment on Rosh HaShanah: Analysis of Content and Process in a Talmudic Aggadah

Twenty five years ago, the Orthodox Union (in conjunction with Yeshivat Ohr Yerushlayim) published a journal entitled, Jewish Thought: A Journal of Torah Scholarship, edited by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Sosevsky. This amazing journal has been out of print, but we are working on re-releasing the articles online. In preparation for Rosh Hashanah, please enjoy this […]