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Jews vs Greeks: The Great Debate

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the difference in perspective...

Tzvi Goldstein
Chanukah Scrap Heap Challenge

Use this activity on Chanukah to encourage teens to build their own menorahs...

Debbie Stone
Chanukah Mystery Room

This Mystery Room includes four locks, including many challenges, to solve in...

Tzvi Goldstein
Chanukah Pocket Torah

Pocket-size cards with brief divrei Torah about Chanukah. The front of each...

Rachel Olson
Escape the Room: Chanukah

An \"Escape the Room\" adventure, with a Chanukah theme.

Shyndee Kestenbaum
Chanukah Blessings Card

This printable card has the Chanukah blessings in Hebrew, English...

Rachel Olson
8 Insights for 8 Nights of Chanukah

8 insights for the 8 nights of Chanukah, with practical and relevant...

Rachel Olson
Text-Based Sessions
Digging Deeper in a Disney World

This colorful and engaging session explores the concept of digging beneath the...

Rabbi Ariel Bannett
Maoz Tzur Sheet

Printable sheet with the text of Maoz Tzur. Hebrew with English translation.

Rachel Olson
Counting Up: Recognizing Our Reality

What are Beis Hillel and Beis Shammai really arguing about, when they debate...

Derek Gormin
Mikeitz Parsha Sheet: Chanukah

A discussion of some of the classical ideas related to Chanuka, including: The...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
The Fire You Never Saw

What\'s the connection between the Burning Bush that Moshe stopped to see, and...

Leora Lesher
Chanukah Candle Lighting at the White House

Can a Jew recite brachos over lighting candles at the White House? Based on...

Rabbi Shaya First
Do You Believe in Miracles?

This session explores a question about miracles: Why does God do some miracles...

Rabbi Arieh Friedner
Light Up the Nights

If Hashem created the sun, moon, and stars on Day 4 of Creation, what kind of...

Doovie Jacoby
How to Light the Chanukah Menorah

Printable page with the blessings and instructions for lighting the Chanukah...

Rachel Olson
8 Ideas to Illuminate

Special ideas and insights that emerge from the Chanukah story

NCSY Staff
Do You Believe in Miracles?

This session points out some of the miracles in our everyday lives.

Michael Kahn
Peersumei Nissa: Publicizing the Miracle of Chanukah

Why is peersumei nissa (publicizing the Chanukah miracle) so important...

Rabbi Reuven Lebovitz
Call of Duty - Macabees Division

This session presents the Jewish view on failure, illuminated by sources...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
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