You Matter: The World Is A Machine

This video clip from the film "Hugo" compares the world to a big machine, which has exactly the right number of parts - no more, and no less. If so, each of us are part of a machine, and we must each have a unique, essential purpose. Use this video to spark a discussion about how our lives have purpose, and we are each here for a reason.

Discussion questions:

  • If the world is one big machine... what is the purpose of this enormous machine? What is it trying to achieve?
  • If you saw a machine and no one told you what its purpose was, how would you figure it out?
  • If the world is one big machine, then plants, animals, insects, air, and molecules are all part of the machine, too. How do they fit into the picture and purpose?
  • Are some parts of a machine more important than others? What would happen if one tiny nail was missing from a machine?
  • Do you feel that you have a purpose? How are you supposed to know what your purpose is? How do you know where you fit in to the "big machine" of the world?