Baruch HaMavdil Card

Give this card to teens at Shabbatons, so they'll know how to say Baruch HaMavdil. Includes the blessing in Hebrew, English, and transliterated.

These cards were designed to be credit-card size.

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When Shabbos is over, it is prohibited to do any activities that are prohibited on Shabbos (such as using electronics) until you either:

  1. hear someone make Havdallah; or
  2. say “Baruch HaMavdil” within Maariv davening; or
  3. verbally acknowledge that Shabbos has ended.

Therefore, if you have not yet heard Havdallah or davened Maariv, you should say the sentence of "Baruch HaMavdil" to accomplish (3) verbally acknowledging that Shabbos has ended.

Say the following blessing when the time for ending Shabbos has passed:

בָּרוּךְ‭ ‬הַמַּבְדִיל‭ ‬בֵּין‭ ‬קֹדֶשׁ‭ ‬לְחוֹל‭‬

Ba-RUCH ha-mav-DEEL bein KO-desh le-CHOL.

Blessed is He [God] Who separates between the holy and the mundane.

When we say this blessing, we are acknowledging that God separates the holy day of Shabbos from the rest of the week. It is a reminder to carry over the spirituality and inspiration we gained over Shabbos into the upcoming week.

After saying the sentence, you can do regular weekday activities again.

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