Shabbaton Packages

Shabbaton Outline: Dreams

This Shabbaton helps teens think through their dreams and goals. What dreams do...

Devora Weinstock
Shabbaton Outline: Adversity

This Shabbaton explores the Torah's approach to growing through...

Rabbi Phil Karesh
Shabbaton Outline: Transformation

This Shabbaton explores the nature of free will, how we can transform...

Rabbi Ariel Bannett
Shabbaton Outline: The Power of Speech

This Shabbaton explores the power of speech. For more information about how...

Rabbi Phil Karesh
Shabbaton Outline: Making Decisions

This Shabbaton gives teens the opportunity to consider how they make decisions...

Josh Munk
Shabbaton Outline: The Torah's Unchanging Values

NCSYers will learn that the Torah's values are everlasting, and that in many...

Rabbi Phil Karesh
Shabbaton Outline: Beauty

A Shabbaton outline explaining how Portland NCSY ran a Shabbaton on the theme...

Doovie Jacoby
Text-Based Sessions
Where Is The Love?

Part of the Shabbaton theme of Love. This session explores the different ways...

Ari Zucker