Tu B'Shvat

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Tu BiShevat Tuesday #TBT (JSU)

Teens are encouraged to reflect on their goals and consider what they have...

DL Lavin
Bring Your Own Siman (JSU)

This club offers a teen-friendly and inviting Tu Bishvat seder to bring this...

DL Lavin
10 Tips to Improve Your Personal Environment

The Torah compares man to a tree of the field. Here we examine 10 ways that...

Rachel Olson
7 Species of Israel

This page displays the 7 species of Israel with pictures of each one. Includes...

Rachel Olson
Text-Based Sessions
Tu BiShvat Family Tree

Just as a tree has roots and branches, we, too, have to stay connected to our...

Jeanette Goldstein
Eitz Chaim Hee - How is Torah Like a Tree?

Mishlei writes that the Torah is compared to a tree. What are the similarities...

Leora Lesher