Sefer Bereishis

NCSY's Parsha sheets for staff learning for Sefer Bereishis.
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Text-Based Sessions
Mikeitz Parsha Sheet: Chanukah

A discussion of some of the classical ideas related to Chanuka, including: The...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Toldos Parsha Sheet: The Avos - Our Forefathers

What is the significance of the Avos? Why wasn’t the Torah given to the Avos?

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayeishev Parsha Sheet: Names

What is the significance of Jewish names? Are there any names you are not...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Bereishis Parsha Sheet: Free-Will and Divine Foreknowledge

Discussion of the importance of freewill and the relationship between freewill...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayeira Parsha Sheet: Challenges - Nisyonos

What is the purpose of nisyonos (challenges) and what are the different...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayechi Parsha Sheet: Repentance for Interpersonal Transgressions

Considering the reconciliation between Yosef and his brother, this is a...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayeitzei Parsha Sheet: Dreams

What is the significance of dreams in Jewish law and thought?

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Lech Lecha Parsha Sheet: The Chosen People

Why was Avraham different from other monotheists before him? Understanding the...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayigash Parsha Sheet: Mashiach Ben Yosef

The origin and main ideas behind the concept of a Mashiach ben Yosef.

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Noach Parsha Sheet: Idolatry

How did idolatry begin? What is the nature of Avodah Zarah and how has that...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Vayishlach Parsha Sheet: Yaakov and Eisav

A discussion of the struggle between Yaakov and Eisav and its relevance to the...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Chayei Sarah Parsha Sheet: Burial and Eulogy

What are the sources for the mitzvos of burial and eulogy? Discussion of the...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin