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5 Ways to Make the High Holidays Meaningful for Your Family

Here\'s a quick list of 5 ways to make the high holidays more meaningful for...

Dani Sudwerts
Sukkos: 7 Minutes of Inspiration

Why do the Jewish people need so many holidays? Hear the inspiring words of...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
Bring the Feeling of Israel into Your Sukkah

How is living in your Sukkah similar to living in Israel?

Rachel Olson
Text-Based Sessions
The Significance of Sukkot

This packet explores the significance and symbolism of the holiday of Sukkot.

Rabbi Gavry Mandel
High Holiday Cards

Prepare for the holidays with one pocket sized Torah idea.

NCSY Staff
Sukkos: Shades of Faith

How does the Sukkah teach us to live with emunah (faith)? How many walls are...

Rabbi Evan Weiner
Lulav: Let Me See You Shake Your Mitzvah

Why do we shake 4 species, and how are they related to Sukkos? What do each of...

Rabbi Evan Weiner
Shmini Atzeres: What Happens in Sukkos Stays in Sukkos

Is Shmini Atzeres the 8th day of Sukkos, or is it a separate holiday? What does...

Rabbi Evan Weiner
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