Rosh Hashanah

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Happy Birthday Rosh Hashana (JSU)

Teens decorate their own birthday cakes to celebrate Rosh Hashana, the birthday...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Sign Me Up!

This session looks at the simanim we eat on Rosh Hashana and explores the hopes...

Sari Dratch
What Is That Sound?

Based on an idea from the Jewish Studio Project teens will have an opportunity...

Avia Cohen
The New-Jew Year

Show NCSYers that Rosh Hashana is about an opportunity to make small changes in...

Rabbi Phil Karesh
Judgment on Rosh HaShanah: Analysis of Content and Process in a Talmudic Aggadah

What does it mean that all of mankind pass before God like sheep...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
5 Ways to Make the High Holidays Meaningful for Your Family

Here\'s a quick list of 5 ways to make the high holidays more meaningful for...

Dani Sudwerts
A Prayer for the Days of Awe - by Elie Wiesel

A powerful article by Elie Weisel. It is written as an open letter to God...

Debbie Stone
Rosh Hashana Avinu Malkeinu

We pray for Hashem to act kindly to us \"lemaan shemecha\" - for the sake of...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
The Advantage of Preparing for the Yamim Noraim

Join Rabbi Israel Lashak to learn about the importance of preparing for the...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
Yom Kippur: 7 Minutes of Inspiration

As the new year begins and Elul is behind us, there is so much to pray for. God...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
Rosh Hashana - The Incredible Power of Tefillah

What can the prayers of one person accomplish? What about the prayers of an...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
Tashlich Card

A visual to help guide the process of Tashlich

Rachel Olson
Rosh Hashanah Simanim card

A printable card with all of the most common simanim (symbolic foods) for Rosh...

Rachel Olson
Shofar Thoughts: 10 Ideas to Consider During Shofar Blowing

What should we think about when we hear the shofar blowing? Here are 10...

Rachel Olson
Rosh Hashana Pocket Torah

Pocket-size cards with brief thoughts about Rosh Hashana. If you need these...

Rachel Olson
Text-Based Sessions
#SorryYesSorry: A Mini Teshuva Chabura

What is the Jewish approach to saying \"I\'m sorry\"? What are the steps one...

Shlomo Mandel
The Godfile: Approaches to Prayer

This session elaborates on several different approaches to prayer, and allows...

Debbie Stone
Day of Judgement - Are You in the Right Mindset?

I opened this class with the \"Jewish future game\"- the way I changed it a bit...

Lea Bekhar
Dip the Apple in the Honey: A New Perspective on an Old Custom

Why do we dip apples in honey on Rosh HaShanah? Take a look at these sources to...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Can We Change G-d\'s Plan?

This session questions the effect of prayer on the Divine plan. Sources are in...

Pardes Project
Will the Real Rosh Hashana Please Stand Up

This packet discusses the power of the shofar and how it wakes us up. What are...

Rabbi Evan Weiner
Is God Still Talking To Us?

If you and God have grown apart, who moved? This session provokes us to think...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
High Holidays Primer

A short compilation of lessons on the High Holidays to uncover layers of...

Rabbi Samy Soussan
Changing God\'s Decree

This session questions whether or not we have the ability to change G-d\'s...

Sari Dratch
Rosh Hashanah and Memory

Would you take a pill to erase painful memories if you could? Why is Rosh...

Debbie Stone
The Family Mini Machzor

Our Family Mini Machzor focuses on the special prayers and concepts of the High...

NCSY Staff
Name Dropping?

This session looks at the first bracha of Shemoneh Esrei. Explore the concept...

Debbie Stone
High Holiday Cards

Prepare for the holidays with one pocket sized Torah idea.

NCSY Staff