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Text-Based Sessions
Angels Vs Humans

What role does Torah play in our lives?

NCSY Staff
All In

When push comes to shove, what aspects of your life are you committed to?

NCSY Staff
National Board: Shavuos Booklet

Download this Shavuos booklet to read divrei Torah from NCSY's National Board,...

NCSY Staff
Rus- The External Catalyst of Change

This session explores Rus's contribution to the Jewish people and how she...

Debbie Stone
Shavuot: Why Does it Have So Many Names? (NCS-Why?)

Why is the Shavuot holiday called by so many different names? (1) Shavuot;...

Rabbi Arieh Friedner
The Evolution of Jewish Thought and Practice (Part 1)

This session focuses on the development of the written Torah. What did Moshe...

Rabbi Ari Goldberg
Yisro Parsha Sheet: Matan Torah

An examination of Matan Torah, as well as key Ramban's and Gur Aryeh's on the...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Chabura Companion - Aftermath of Chait Haegel

A chabura companion for learning about the aftermath of Chait HaEgel. Includes...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Torah Is Like an Onion

This session is designed to display the depth and layers that can be revealed...

Debbie Stone
A Case Study in the Development of the Oral Law

A case studying the development of the laws of Basar B'Chalav from the verses...

Rabbi Ariel Bannett
The Evolution of Jewish Thought and Practice (Part 2)

This session focuses on the development of the Oral Law. Why are there so many...

Rabbi Ari Goldberg
Shavuot: Why Do We Stay Up All Night Learning? (NCS-Why?)

Short passages about the significance of learning Torah on Shavuot culled from...

Rabbi Arieh Friedner
What is Torah

A brief guide explaining the four general categories of Torah: The Written...

Rachel Olson
Milk Infographic: Why We Eat Dairy on Shavuos

Why do we eat dairy on Shavuos? This infographic explains some little-known...

Rachel Olson
Ten Commandments Infographic

A visual list of the Ten Commandments. Includes four interesting facts for...

Rachel Olson
Flowers and Torah

This session explains how to make edible flowers and its connection to Torah...

Avi Feder
Jewish American Idol: The Torah As A Guide To Life

This activity is a Build-Your-Own-Drasha workshop in which NCSYers are given a...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Korean Ambassador Talks About The Talmud

In this clip, Sam Young, Korean Ambassador to Israel, explains what he has...

Debbie Stone
Korean TV Crew Visits Ponevezh Yeshiva

Why would Koreans want to visit a yeshiva? This clip from Israeli news shows a...

Debbie Stone
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