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V'Nahafoch Hu

In the Purim story, many events flipped from bad to good. Find out what this...

Rachel Olson
The 4 Mitzvos of Purim

A printable page outlining the 4 mitzvos of Purim: Megillah, Matanot L'Evyonim,...

Yudi Levine
Purim Explained (Infographic)

An infographic explaining the fundamentals of Purim.

Mike Wirth
Text-Based Sessions
Mini Megillah

Includes the full text of Megilat Esther as well as scene summaries and...

NCSY Staff
Through You or Me - A Story of Jewish Survival

When Mordechai asked Esther to approach Achashveirosh to save the Jewish...

Rabbi Josh Stein
Hide and Seek: Finding God in Our Lives

This colorful session explores the meaning of "Divine Providence" and...

Rabbi Josh Stein
The Lord of the Ring

Why do we wear masks on Purim? Learn this session to find out the difference...

Yossi Schwartz
Megilas Esther Trivia Questions

Trivia questions on Megillas Esther to use at your Purim party! Divide into...

Rachel Olson
Hidden Prayer in the Megillah

Although prayer is an essential component of teshuva, it is actually hard to...

Doovie Jacoby
Will You Be Part of the Jewish Future?

Sometimes, staying silent is just not an option. Analyze the motivational...

Doovie Jacoby
Megillah Companion for Teens

Written by NCSY's National Board. Includes a chapter summary and fun piece for...

Rachel Olson
Mordechai and Approval Ratings

How does a leader make good decisions? How does a leader balance initiative and...

Rabbi Yaakov Glasser
Megillas Esther Playbill

A playbill designed for the story of Megilas Esther. Includes a list of...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Rising to the Occasion: Understanding What It Means to Be a Jew through the Purim Story

This text based-session discusses the etymology of the word "Jew"and how it...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Purim Shiur or Chaburah Companion

Compilation of Torah sources about the decree against the Jewish people in the...

Asher Becker
The Sorting Hat: Real People, Real Challenges

The purpose of this activity is to stress the fact that the Purim story was...

Tzvi Goldstein
Purim Escape the Room

An Escape the Room activity for Purim! Thanks to Rabbi Yitz Levi and the Bnot...

Lea Bekhar
Purim Skit

The Purim story, divided into 4 skits. Ends when Esther asks the Jews to fast...

Doovie Jacoby
Purim Pocket Torah

Pocket-size cards with brief divrei Torah about Purim. Include these cards in...

Rachel Olson
Hamantaschen Make & Bake (JSU)

Teens will fill and form their own hamantaschen and learn about the deeper...

Avi Feder
Hamentashen Exploration (JSU)

This Hamentashen making session looks at the symbolism of 3 within the megillah...

Rabbi Yaakov Frankiel
Building Friendships (JSU)

This session is about building friendships through giving and the importance of...

Rabbi Yaakov Frankiel
Love is Giving (JSU)

Love is all about giving, Purim is a festival of community love and sharing....

Rabbi Donny Schwartz
Draw Purim (JSU)

Teens will learn the story of Purim by working in groups and learning to look...

Debbie Stone
Summary of the Purim Story

A brief summary of the Purim story, including 2 short takeaway lessons we can...

Michal Jacknin
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