On this page, you will find infographics, text-based sessions, articles, and other educational materials related to Pesach.

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Chocolate Seder

A chocolate seder- What better way to introduce the order of the Pesach Seder?...

Gaby Scarowski
Double Dare - 10 Plagues

This club is a fun way to remind teens about the 10 plagues in a quiz and dare...

Gaby Scarowski
Mock Passover Seder

Use these activities to help teens discover a new perspective on the Pesach...

Shlomo Mandel
How Free Are You? (JSU)

This session discusses how free you really are... is it all in your mind? Do we...

Shyndee Kestenbaum
Matzah Olympics

In this fast-paced matzah-eating competition, teens will learn about the...

NCSY Staff
Escape the Room: Passover

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a...

Shyndee Kestenbaum
Passover Questions and Themes

Are you ready to answer these key questions about Passover? Take a look at...

Rachel Olson
Why A Haggada? New York Times Op-ed By Jonathan Safran Foer

This op-ed from the New York Times explains the need for a new Passover...

Debbie Stone
10 Tips for Making Your Pesach Seder Great

Hear Dovid Bashevkin\'s 10 tips on how to make your Pesach Seder come alive and...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Pesach: Two Seder Insights

Hear Rabbi Israel Lashak offer two meaningful insights into the Passover Seder:...

Rabbi Israel Lashak
Passover Haggadah: Just One

To order a printed copy of the Haggadah, please visit Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin

Passover Seder Cheat Sheet

Print out this sheet to guide you through the Passover Seder: Why do we have...

Rachel Olson
Creative Pesach Posters

Hang up these posters around your home or school to get everyone in the mood...

Rabbi Jon Green
Seder Plate Infographic

Learn what\'s on the seder plate, and how each item relates to our personal...

Rachel Olson
Text-Based Sessions
Three Thoughts on Leadership for the Passover Seder

This session offers 3 thoughts on leadership related to the Passover story....

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Passover Haggadah: QuaranTeen

A Unified Voice of Freedom From Teens in an Isolated World

NCSY Staff
Passover: The Road To Personal Freedom

This session focusing on finding personal freedom. In an age where we are...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Exodus from Egypt: The Hidden Agenda

A session explaining some of the hidden meanings in the holiday of Passover and...

Michael Kahn
Passover and the Slavery of Perception

What does it mean to be a slave and what is true freedom? This session explores...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
Pesach - A Time for Stories

Pesach is the perfect time for storytelling, but it\'s not just about the story...

Chanan Freilich
Seder Master

A guide for mentors to prepare people for the Seder. Includes source materials...

Partners In Torah of Detroit
Passover & The Freedom To Question

This session on Pesach asks: Why do we ask so many questions on Pesach? The...

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
6 Quick Insights For Your Passover Seder

Six Passover insights for your Seder.

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin
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