Shabbaton Outline: Dreams

This Shabbaton helps teens think through their dreams and goals. What dreams do you have for your future? Do you feel confident that you can achieve your dreams? Are your dreams realistic, or are you dreaming big enough?

This Shabbaton was run by New England for Spring Regional 2016

Theme: Dreams

Learning Session

If You Build It, They Will Come - These sources teach us how to feel hopeful and self-confident in setting lofty goals and being able to accomplish them... whether as a leader or in one’s personal life.


The 5 Levels of Pleasure: Are You Dreaming Big Enough? - This program will give teens the opportunity to do a self-evaluation of whether or not the things they dream about and the goals they set for themselves are as good as they can get, or if they can do better.

Choose Your Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker - Teens were given the option to choose

  • To Be a Good Jew, You Need to Be a Ninja - by Rabbi Adam Aranov
  • Can I Ever Really be "Like Mike"? The Importance of Truly Great Role Models - by Chanan Freilich
  • Dreaming While Wide Awake: Making Your Dreams a Reality - by Tzvi Goldstein
  • Jewish Psychology 101 - by Josh Munk
  • The Key to a Meaningful Life: Keep Dreaming! - by David Gleizer


Robert Kraft's speech as YU's Graduation (video)

Learning Session

Ends VS. MeansThis session discusses whether or not we can go about something the wrong way in order to ultimately reach our goal.