Fathers (Animated Video and Song)

This song begins by talking about how a father is greater than just the man you're born to; a father is a source for the moral integrity that gives humans a structure to live by. Our forefathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) are known not only for having their kids, but also for being role models for the entire Jewish people by overcoming their challenges and making their strengths stronger.

Then the song discusses on how it's hard for one to find individuality within the Jewish nation. It's almost as if the Torah is telling all the Jews to be the same.

The song concludes on a thought-provoking note, saying that the answer to this problem cannot be solved by hearing someone tell you the answer in words; it's an intangible feeling and most definitely something that you need to take initiative and pursue.

Produced by Marcus Loebenstein
Supervised by Adam Simon and Derek Gormin


The other week I was deep in my thoughts

Caught me off guard like a bullet from a shot

I guess I couldn't trigger the bigger picture that hindered a little, and now I fiddle the riddle that has me caught in the middle, it ain't simple
Has my mind crippled

Now I'm rippled like a deadhead in the still water,

I'm tryna get why I gotta be like my great fathers,
Abraham, on this beat I be going ham

Abraham being a man

The realest homie showing that he do it for the famm

Put the weight of the nation on his back, that's every single gram

More than a celebrity's legacy, every single fan

And everybody’s tryna cop my tricks
I tellem that I learned em from a yiddin named Isaac

with A will to put himself in danger for something greater and later he came thru as a savior

Exemplary behavior

A Sacrificial major

But I never met this player
Ball game like a laker, champion
Jacob poppin in on the flow, hes chimin’ in

Someone tell me what he do, like can I get that?
All I know is all he do, that's spit facts

All he says is fire, he can burn you to the third degree
Representing truth means representing eternity

I walk this world and I don't my route
These days, we say to never expect the truth
Hit me one more like Brittany in ‘98
What's Gds fate for us? Everybody sayn so what!

Ignoring will shortly turn to a horror story

I'm workin like a scientist testing in his laboratory

No one knows the essence of a father, so go on Maury

But no ones gunna hand you the answer

We just gotta turn to our master, prevent all this cancer

And invent an answer to stop all disasters

Gimme time to relax and flow on new syntax

Taking a father for granted

You know u don’t want me to rant and

It’s more than a human can fathom, I realized our fathers had straightened the standards

Are you catching my drift?, are you catching that maybe it is time for a shift?

And don’t get me wrong it’s a heavy load, and don’t u remember we said “let our people go”

A nation that was never scared of riots
Reppin on defiance, making sure we loud like like a siren, silencing the tyrants
Assuring that we fighting

and we Levitating
We in it as a whole on the quest we facin
I don't know about you but I'm feeling shameless,
I'm feeling anxious, it may be dangerous, nothin to play with,
Fighting for what's right homie I'm the bailiff,
Bringing dis to court like we bout to takem,
I'm part of something real and their ain't no fakin, this is only facon if we talking bout bacon

If we talkin’ bout breakfast, im sizzlin’

And I’m tryna make it rain but it’s drizzling

You know I’ll be spittin’ til’ I’m feeling it
Then I’ll be killin’ it
Boy, I’m feeling it, Feeling odd,
forgot what I was doin’ so I’m movin’ on
But no matter what I do I’ll be keeping on
I don’t wanna be the boy that you sleeping on

Gd He created this na-tion, -you-see
A life that is filled with op-ur-tun-it-ties
It’s hard to fit in, this no simp-li-ci-ty
But know that your homies are diff-erent-than-thee

Personally searching’s to be permanently learning
In the mind it can be hurtin’ to the version where you yearnin’
This the sermon of sermons
But no ones gunna hand you the answer

You just thought that maybe it’d be here for you
I’ma go and leave you with a question or two or three or five,Driving in a ride of my mind,
Flying in the sky while I’m findin’ new sights,
I thrive in times I must survive
Alive in times where I might cry

Doin’ all this work every night

And I just need to get my mind right

The times right, we shine bright, the limelight, we climb heights

Ey, is this getting exciting?

“Nah, bro, you just needa change up the rhyme scheme”

I gotchu fam, yes I need that
And in fact, along with that, I need my people here to mingle just to get a vibe
Of togetherness,
Just to feel alive, and know where heaven is

I think I said it enough, our nations tough
But it can get a little rough
And in it all, we all trying to ball as individuals
We all wanna be tall, Abdul-Jabbar and be like chamberlain

I gotta ask you something small, who are you in the game?
Where are you from, are you new to this place?
Run it like a mile, keep your pace
And start with one thing, you are part of this race