Music Impact

What does Judaism have to say about the power of song? What role does music play in the life of a Jew? This JSU club has the answers.

The club works like this:

You put on three to five very different songs one at a time and discuss how each one makes everyone feel.

These are the ones I chose. ( only the first five min )

Write Shira (Hebrew word for song) on the board. The way you say a song in Hebrew is called Shira . (Some knowledgeable teens can help read it) Whats amazing about the Hebrew language is that each word has many meanings and there are fun rules with the language and letters of things that can be changed. The Yud in the middle can be switched with a VaV totally changing the word from Shira to Shoorah. Anyone know what a Shoorah is? Its a line. When you sing a or hear Shira a song, it makes a direct connection a direct line to your soul. Many times in Jewish History rather then just pray the Jews sang expressing appreciation. After the Jews left Egypt and crossed the Yam Suf- They sang in appreciation.

Song has a very strong impact- and we should be careful what we expose ourselves to. But we also may use it as a power G-d I need help.. lalalalala Please help me - Has a little more feeling then just talking- even though that can work.

This can be tied into how Judaism has a place for everything- Mourning, not listening to music vs weddings. Sefira etc.