Values for Values Game

Cards to use for a Values Game. Description below.

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The Values Game


This activity will give us the opportunity to prioritize our values.

  • Hand out value cards (cut up) to groups. Each group will share a deck of cards.
  • With all the value cards in hand - prioritize the values either in order of importance.
    1. There are many values, ask the groups to narrow it down to 10, then 5, then 3.
  • When everyone group finishes their lists, come together as a group to share/compare the lists and discuss.
  • If time allows, try to come up with one "universal list" as a group.

Key Discussion Questions – Post activity

  • How did you come up with your list? Where do you think your values come from? (Family? Friends? Life experiences?)
  • Did you change your mind about anything during this activity?
  • Where do you learn the basis for your priorities?
  • What gives you confidence that your values are accurate?
  • How did you feel when other people disagreed with your values?
  • Do we invest time in the values most important to us?
  • Do we try to proactively work on the things which we feel are most important or only respond to they are threatened?
  • Did any values of your peers surprise you?
  • How do your values relate to your goals in life?

To Share After The Activity

  • In an ever-changing world, it is hard to figure out which values take priority. But the Torah is absolute, and forever lasting, unchanging over time. The values that we learn in the Torah never change.
  • Moving forward:
    • How can we learn Torah values?