Yom Kippur: Transform Yourself. Transform Your Year

An infographic explaining God's 13 Attributes of Mercy, and how we can emulate each trait.

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Yom Kippur is a time of transformation. We examine our relationship with God, with our friends, and with ourselves. A formula for self-transformation can be found in the 13 Attributes of Mercy (Exodus 34:6-7), which describe God’s infinite kindness, approach to forgiveness, and dealing with us when we make mistakes.

If we incorporate these 13 attributes of mercy into our own relationships with family and friends, God promised that He will mirror our behavior and deal kindly with us in return, as the Talmud (Rosh Hashana 17b) teaches:

“God wrapped himself in a tallis (prayer shawl) and taught Moshe His 13 Attributes of Mercy, saying: Whenever the Jews fail, if they practice these 13 attributes of mercy, I will forgive them.”

Buried in each of these descriptions is a recipe for transformation that will make an excellent guide for your transformation this Yom Kippur.