Escape the Room: Chanukah

An "Escape the Room" adventure, with a Chanukah theme.

Kids should be split into teams of 4 or 5. Each group has their own set of clues, the idea is that they should try to figure it out on their own without any help.

Clue #1: Oil

There are 4 cups of water, each with food coloring in it (red, blue, yellow, green). There are 4 colored papers (red, blue, yellow, green) each with a sequence of numbers on it.

The cup with the yellow food coloring should also have some oil in it, thereby separating the color from the water.

The answer to the first clue is to realize that the yellow cup is the correct cup, which means that the yellow paper is the correct sequence of numbers. (2,3,7,9,4,2,8)

Clue #2: Menorah

They have to bring you the yellow paper, and then you hand it back to them with a prepared deck of cards. To prepare the deck, you will take out a bunch of cards (not 2, 3, 4,7, 8, 9) and write a random letter on it. You should also take out the cards 2, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and write M, E, N, O, R, A, H. Mix all the cards back together.

Once they have the yellow paper and the deck of cards, they have to on their own, figure out that the yellow sequence corresponds to the correct cards which will spell out the code word "MENORAH."

Clue #3: Elephant

They now have the code word, it is important that they don't get any feedback from you at this point. There should be a computer or iPad somewhere noticeable in the room, The screen should be locked, and the password is... that's right, you got it, the password is 'MENORAH.'

Once they unlock the screen, you should have this image shown:

Code #4:

They have to come to you with the answer 4 (duh! an elephant always has 4 legs), give them then next clue: A blank wooden dreidel and a marker. They need to figure out that they have to write. (nun, gimmel, hey, shin.)

Then they have to bring it to you and spin until they get a gimmel.

Clue #5:

Once they get a gimmel, give them this riddle. First team to get the answer right, wins!

Young I am tall; old I am short. I love to glow. Breath is my foe.

(Answer: Candle)

Winning teams get chanukah gelt, and then everyone gets latkes :)