Kosher Fear Factor (JSU)

JSUers will learn about some of the laws of Kashrus as they taste Jewish cultural foods.

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Lay out 8 different Jewish cultural foods on the table (some gross and some delicious). Each participant is asked a question about the halachos of kashrus. After answering the question, they must taste one of the foods provided.

If they answer correctly, they get to choose which food they will eat. If they answer incorrectly, the audience chooses which food they must taste!

Use this JSU activity as an opportunity to clarify basic concepts about kosher. You can also discuss how and why certain foods became popular in the Jewish community. (For example, we eat cholent on Shabbos to disprove the Kara'im, and we eat gefilte fish because of the prohibition of borer on Shabbos.)

Kashrus questions used in this activity can be found in this Prezi.