Quick insights into Keeping Kosher

Keeping Kosher is something on the minds of many teens in NCSY. To help those who are ready to hear about it, we’re on a mission to collect some of the best thoughts from around the organization!

We are now collecting YOUR ideas and insights into why we keep Kosher. We will then publish your insights on nicely-designed cards, similar to these Chanukah Pocket Torah cards we created a few months ago (see samples below). The front of each card shows an image and a 2-3 sentence summary of a longer insight that is printed on the back.

throne-front throne-back

bugs-front bugs-back

Your insight can be related to any aspect of keeping kosher, such as:

  • Why do we keep kosher?
  • Why does God care what we eat?
  • Why don’t the non-Jews have to eat kosher too? Why only Jews?
  • Milk and meat
  • Kosher animals vs. non-kosher animals
  • Nveilah and treifah
  • Simanim for kosher animals – why were these simanim chosen?
  • Why did the Torah specify which birds are non-kosher instead of telling us which ones are kosher?
  • …and anything else you can think of!

  • Please keep to about 200 words. Make sure it is meaningful, easy to understand, and has a clear takeaway message. (This insight will appear on the BACK of your card.)
  • This will appear on the FRONT of your card (together with a picture). Make the summary intriguing and powerful.

Questions? Email Rabbi Arieh Friedner at RabbiArieh@ncsy.org or Rachel First at firstr@ncsy.org.