Beneath the Folds

The king's tailor show how the truth of the matter sometimes lies hidden beneath the folds.

There was a once a tailor who served the king of a powerful empire. The king commanded that the tailor craft for him a beautiful garment, no expense spared. The command was given and the tailor was put to work. The king’s administrator bought cloth of an extraordinary cost, the exquisite textile had golden threads and jewels sewn into its fabric. The tailor set to work, working painstakingly on the design and fit for the king. After months of craft the day of the fitting finally arrived. The king excitedly tried on the new coat. It fit perfectly. Its shining threads glittered in the palace lights, the jewels twinkled. The king spun around excitedly but his joy was crushed by an evil advisor in his council “Your majesty, you spent a great deal of money purchasing the most expensive cloth and thread for this tailor to make your cloak. Look at it, he hasn’t used it all, he has stolen from you and is standing here with no shame!” Easily riled, the king’s temper flared “Kill him immediately!” he shrieked. The tailor fell to the floor and began to beg “if you please your highness, I did not steal one inch. You cannot tell by measuring your cloak because of all the intricate folds i made with the cloth. But if we unpick it, destroy the shape, I can prove I did not take even one tiny piece.”

Submitted by Debbie Stone